About Me


I am Steffi a drummer based in Munich.

Already as a little girl I knew that I would like to become a drummer.

My dream came true:)

For several years I have been touring through Europe with several bands or recording drums in the studio for Artist, Movies, TV-Spots….

I love working with many different artists and creating drum sounds.

The mix of electronic and acoustic elements is a true revelation to me.



STFFX is the first own project of the Drummer Steffi Sachsenmeier.

Her Music is a jumbled Mix of electronic and acoustic Sounds, accompanied

by bold, striking Drum Beats and elements out of different Musicstyles.

Every Song get his own Character through the featured Artist and Friends,

like the Rapper Ben Grimm, who is featured in STFFX’s first single „Gimme“.


Joja Wendt

Safari Jazz Festival Nairobi


Live Band/ „Gestern oder im 3. Stock“ Album (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals)

Roger Rekless



Live/ „Sound of Slow – Live“ Album


Live/ Studio

Natia Todua

Roykey Creo

Willkommen bei den Hartmanns

Kanzlei Berger

Live/ „Miss You“ Album

Live/ C.R.E.O Roots

Movie – Music/Drums